Install Apache on Windows Vista (Updated)

June 6, 2007

Installing Apache under Windows XP was trivial. Not so, under Vista. Creation of the Apache service fails. The conf directory can’t be set up by the installer, probably due to permission problems.

I finally got it working with the following procedure. I used the latest version of Apache (2.2.4) and Windows Vista Home Premium.

Update 11/20/07: I had to do a factory reset on my machine a few weeks ago (due to a video card failure) and had to run through this procedure a second time to install Apache 2.2.6. I streamlined it a bit. The problem with the Apache Monitor noted in the old set of instructions seems to have been fixed in Apache 2.2.6… when you reboot in step 12, the Apache monitor should appear on your task bar.

  1. Uninstall any previous installations of Apache Web server (Start > Control Panel > Programs and Features).
  2. Stop any other services (like IIS) that use port 80 (if you still want to use IIS, give it another port). If you’re running Skype you have to uncheck Advanced Options > Connection: Use Port 80 and 443 as alternatives (Thanks Jacob!)
  3. Stop User Account Control (UAC). (This isn’t absolutely necessary, but there will be less nagging if you do.)
  4. Get the most recent version of the apache Win32 binaries from http://httpd.apache.org/download.cgi and put it on your desktop. Rename it to apache (without changing the .msi extension, if that’s showing).
  5. Start > All Programs > Accessories
  6. Right-Click “Command Prompt” and choose “Run as Administrator”
  7. Manually remove directories containing previous apache installations (like C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation…)
  8. Change to your desktop folder directory (At the prompt type: cd desktop)
  9. At the prompt, type: msiexec /i apache.msi
  10. Run through the Apache installer. I’m running a development server, so I left the domain and computer name blank. You must specify an email address, though. Choose the default server on port 80 for all users option. Change the installation directory to c:\apache.
  11. Reboot.
  12. Browse to http://localhost. It should say “It works!” If it doesn’t, check your httpd.conf file by going to All Programs > Apache HTTP Server 2.2.x > Configure Apache Server > Test Configuration. Follow the directions for fixing the configuration file.
  13. You can turn UAC back on, if you like that sort of thing. To each his own!


  1. Thank you very much, I translated your apache instalation manual to czech language. See http://pari.cz/194/instalace-apache-22-php-52-a-mysql-51-na-windows-vista

  2. Instead of removing the “Monitor Apache servers” from the startup you can also set the compatibility of that item to “Windows XP Service Pack 2”.

    At least that worked for me on Vista Business Edition.

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  4. Hi Fred, thanks for the instructions. Made installing Apache on Vista HP a breeze. Cheers 🙂

  5. Excellent, thanks for the help

  6. Thanks so much for the simple instructions. This should be a quick start guide in the Apache documentation. This worked great for me on Vista Business.

  7. This guide was truly a life saver! I’d like to point out that not specifying an e-mail address during the installation resulted in the Apache service not being able to start. Once that was taken care of, Apache worked like a charm. Thanks again!

  8. […] So, I’ve been continuing to load up my brand new Dell 1710 beast of a machine (seriously, it glows red like it’s possessed by the devil). Natrually the first thing I did was fire up IE and go download Firefox. The second thing I did was to install some programming tools. Ultra Edit is highly recommended, WinSCP, Filezilla. When I got around to Apache, Vista was once again being a pain in the ass. After I ran the install for 2.2.4 and clicked through a half dozen “are you sure” dialogs, Apache complained it didn’t have access to the files needed to complete the installation and threw out the rather ironic error message below. While I don’t think Apache intended that the successful operation of their software was an error, I’m still left with the problem of not having any Apache on my system. I did a quick search on the web and found a good blog post outlining the problem here. […]

  9. Nice little tutorial. Thank you!


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  11. Just use WAMP…

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  13. The critical step seems to be running the msi as administrator. With that step alone, i.e. no need to disable UAC nor my firewall (AVG), I was able to get it to install.

    Good comment on XP SP2 compatibility mode on Apache Monitor. That worked for me.

  14. Great tutorial. Managed to get both apache and php running.

  15. I have still problem of “No Apache Service”

  16. I got error “no Installed service Apache2”

  17. Kudos for posting this!!! You’ve saved me and I’m sure countless others no end of hassle. BTW, the XP SP2 compatibility mode for Apache Monitor worked for me on Vista Business.

  18. Very helpful post!!

    It is possible to set the compatibility of “Monitor Apache Servers” item to “Windows XP Service Pack 2″. on Windows Vista Home edition premium as well.

  19. Like everyone else I just want to say THANK GOD FOR YOUR TUTORIALS

  20. Great post!

    Don’t forget to stop IIS before the installation if you have it installed and running. Otherwise the Apache installation will fail to open socket at port 80.

  21. Hi!
    thanks a lot for the help.
    Apache installation went fine.

    However after PHP installation, apache has stopped working!!! :-/

    Any help on that?

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  23. hi,

    i was trying to install apache on windows vista home basic.
    On typing ” msiexec /i apache.msi”, I get ‘command not recognized’.
    what should I do?


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    cool man!


    The first thing i did once it worked it screamed ALAUGHA

  26. Hey, This was a really useful and saved a lot of time.

    Thanks a lot for a really good step by step document.


  28. WOW this was good…It helped me so much

  29. This answer was really great… Thanks a lot friend…

  30. Phew! Guys, this is great – actually i was able to get both Apache & Php integrated well & also the Apache monitor icon running off the status bar. Thanks a lot.

  31. Many thanks for this. Worked like a charm on VAIO with Vista Business.

  32. Someone touched on this above, but if you get the error: ServerAdmin takes one argument etc, go to apache\conf\httpd.conf and search for “ServerAdmin”. Just add “youemail@something.com” with the quotes to that line. Easy!

  33. Oh, and this is a great post, really helpful, thanks

  34. I can install everything fine, I’ve added PHP and Mysql fine too.. but as soon as I restart the computer and boot up again, Apache cannot start.. any suggestions?

    jade <> fernwoodtech <> com

  35. This STILL didn’t do it for me.

    I’m trying to install Apache 1, because I heard it works better with PHP than Apache 2.

    Anyways, I install it (following the steps above), and all I get is this message: “Apache.exe stopped working and was closed”

    Why? I’ve tried to get Apache 1 to work-does anybody have a solution?!!

  36. NIIIIICE! Thanks!

  37. Just some extra notes that people might find useful:

    1. I did NOT need to turn UAC off, but followed all the other instructions above;
    2. I did have to UNCHECK in Skype – Advanced Options – Connection : Use Port 80 and 443 as alternatives!!
    3. I discovered that to start / restart Apache services, I had to right click and Run as Administrator on those icons, otherwise they wouldn’t do it.

    Bingo! Apache working properly for me now! Thanks indeed for the great instructions.

  38. Worked a treat, thanks very much for the help!

  39. Very specific tutorial, worked like a charm first time. Many thanks.

  40. Thanks!!!! Worked for me….

  41. Thank you so much. It worked great. Very clear an awesome instructions.

  42. I´d suggest to use WAMP (http://www.wampserver.com).
    Installer works like a charm, without any manual changes.
    (Vista Business 64bit)

  43. Great work, Dude!
    Hurrah!!! php runs on Apache 2 in Vista – first time!

    Still have a problem. I have a script which displays RSS feeds in a webpage. But i cannot get that running. pls help.


  44. Top notch. Thanks for sharing this info.

  45. Hi,

    I tried to install Apache2 on my Vista home premium. I have IIS installed as well, there seems to be a conflick between the two. Is there a way I can have both IIS and Apache working?


  46. did you change the ports, richard?

  47. Excellent notes – well done.
    I also chose to set the compatibility of “Monitor Apache Servers” item to “Windows XP Service Pack 2″.
    Works fine if you follow instructions carefully and you do get the apache feather in the Vista task bar after completion of the installation sequence.
    I am running Vista Home Basic.

  48. I followed these directions and would love to say that they worked… However, I am getting an error “Apache.exe has stopped working” upon reboot and if I try to run apache (“NET START apache” on the command line).

    I am running Vista Home Premium. I had tried to install ‘normally’ prior to realizing there was a problem with Vista, removed the files and began again with your directions here.

    Directly after the install (before the reboot) I get the “Apache.exe has stopped working” error message and I don’t get an icon in the startup folder (you mentioned removing it).

    Makes me think that the install is not functioning properly. Your thoughts would be much appreciated. Thanks

  49. thanks senese

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  51. amazing blog man…..!! was a great help!! Thanks a ton

  52. i have install apache on my viesta home premium and works well with html but when im using my jsp cant work. Any help to solve this problem


  53. i downloaded the zipfile from the site and renamed it accordingly. In the dosprompt i tried the msiexec /i apache.msi and i get an error saying “The installation package could not be opened. Contact the application vendor to verify that this is a valid windows installer package” any help?

  54. Hi All,

    This had us stumped – for a while at least. We downloaded the .msi file and installed it. Had problems “Apache2” service not found and port 80 error. Resolved the first problem by ensuring that we opened up the CMD shell as ADMINISTRATOR, the second problem was caused by SKYPE which was holding open port 80. To resolve the second problem we simply reconfigured SKYPE to not use port 80. The apache services then started up fine – this had us going for hours! I hope we save you some time.

    UKC Tech Support.

  55. Anyone have any suggestions to my question above? I’m still struggling with this.


  56. Sweet!!

    Runs perfectly for me!


  57. Wonderful!!

    It worked for me and gave me lot of relief.


  58. I’ve tried to install Apache at my machine, and it is Vista. I tried all the steps you given above but still doesn’t work. The error message says “access denied”, so any suggestion to this? Thanks

  59. Gary,

    Are you logged in as administrator? Are you running the command prompt with “Run as administrator”?

  60. I am the only user in the machine and I am the administrator, is this alright?

    The error message also says “Fail to open WinNT service manager”

  61. Thanks for publishing the update…that annoying error dialog was a pain in the ass….this guide has been so damn useful.

    Thanks for taking the time to write it!


  62. Thank you

  63. Thanks so much…people like you make this world a better place

  64. Worked perfectly first time! Thanks for the great help you have provided.

  65. Many people in their comments keep mentioning something about the Monitor in procedure but that part/step seems to be removed. I’ve tried to install apache 2.2.6 by following described procedure, apache gets installed well, “It works!”, but Monitor isn’t started together with the system, and even if I start it manually, I can’t stop the service from it – clicking Stop does absolutely nothing. My OS is Windows Vista 64bit Business. Will give http://www.wampserver.com a try.

  66. Unfortunately similar thing happens with WAMP, as its manager doesn’t get started with the system, and even when it is started manually, neither right, left, nor double clicking icon that appears in task bar activates pop-up menu.

  67. Thanks to your advice, I got Apache, PHP (Safe Mode), and Perl (as CGI) running the way I like it: namely, the way I had it running on XP), on Vista Home Basic.

    It runs with UAC on (I am the sole User). For reasons related to how I need to grab the CGI, I installed it in a folder outside of Program Files. I don’t have Skype or other programs that might interfere with ports.

    I went to Services and set Apache to start manually, rather than the default of automatically.

    With UAC on, Apache cannot be started from the Start menu. It cannot be started from the Apache Monitor, either. But the monitor (which I have in my system tray) does show whether Apache is on or off. It does not help to “run as administrator” from the menu or the monitor. The Apache Monitor program is in XP-SP2 compatibility mode.

    No big deal. I simply removed the Apache link from my Start Menu, since it didn’t work there. When I want to toggle Apache, I right-click the monitor tray icon and Open Services rather than Open Apache Monitor. After going through the UAC hassle, I get to Services, where I can turn Apache on or off.

  68. Well, I did a successful install. However, I have had so many problems with Vista, that I decided to replace Vista with Linux… use the computer as a database server and switch to a Mac…. I’m so much happier. As they say, Apples just work.

  69. very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

  70. Thanks for the great advice! I was starting to get frustrated before finding this tutorial. Nice job man!

  71. anyone please help me…. i can’t start my apache2triad… i really need this program for our thesis!!! i’m using windows vista ultimate…

  72. Thank you, this was helpful.

  73. THANKS!! Perfect instructions for us 1st time Apache users stuck with Vista 🙂

  74. If you’re running vista 64-bit, xampp works great

  75. thank you, it works wonder

  76. I’ve tried everything suggested here and no luck. I had Apache server working fine when I had Windows XP. Just got this damn Vista machine and Apache just wont work. It seems to install fine, has the icon in the tray at the bottom, says its running. It won’t stop and nothing shows up when opening explorer and entering localhost.

    I just did this last week on XP with NO problems. I am using the same downloaded msi file to install on this new piece of junk but it just don’t work.

  77. Thanks a lot. I never thought i could just run a local host to test my app, always used the host file manager. Thanks again.

  78. Followed your instructions and apache installed and worked fine. But after I modified the httpd-vhosts.conf file and tried to stop and start the service again, I got an error message from windows. I tried start it in the Services, in the command prompt(run as admin), from the Start menu and from the ApacheMonitor. Got the same result either tried to Start or Restart.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

  79. Hi Great tut!

    Unfortunately it doesn’t let me in, localhost is blocked. I get from diagnose connection problems in IE7

    “Windows confirmed that ‘localhost’ is currently online, but is not responding to connection attampts at this time.” and it goes on –

    “This usally means that a firewall is running somewhere between the two computers and is blocking ‘World Wide Web service HTTP. Windows has confirmed that Windows Firewall on this computer is correctly configured to allow this connection. However, a remote firewall might be blocking your connection.”

    Could this be my router – if so then I’m screwed – I can’t connect (or ping) to my router to change its firewall settings.

    Any Ideas would be appreciated.



  80. God bless u dear,i was struggling while installing 2.2.4 on vista.This tutorial came as a blessing and i installed apache in minutes after reading this tutorial…brilliant man…cheers!!!

  81. where do you get the msi file at? WTF is going on. Every tutorial talks about the MSI file. Its not where to be fuckin FOUND!

  82. Hi

    I found the problem as described in the earlier post,
    localhost doesn’t resolve to as described by the hosts file. It resolves to my machinename.

    So if I enter http://machinename I get to see It Works, if I enter the IPv4 TCP address it also works.
    But never with http://localhost, obviously this means WAMP is rendered useless unless I can fix the reference to localhost. This seems to be a common problem posted around the net but yet no solution.

    Any Idea How To Fix This…

    I’m using Vista Ultimate and I can tell ya its an Ultimate pain in the ass.

    Best Regards


  83. I’m going to transalate this tutorial to spanish in my blogsite, i hope that not have problem with this.

  84. Thanks for post.
    Your instructions worked for me fine with Apache 2.2.8. I had to stop not only Vista IIS but also the World Wide Web Publishing Service. I had to reinstall it twice to make it work. Second time using c:\apache for the install dir path as you recommended. However, I did not need to reboot my laptop to see it running in my Services:
    Apache2.2 | Apache/2.2.8(Win32) | Started | Automatic | Local System

    Best Regards,


    http://localhost gives “It works!”

  85. absolutely delighted to have found this article as I was able to get the latest version of apache to work. Simply followed your instructions. Thanks

  86. Thanks so f*****g much. Great help. I love you.

  87. I love you man, thank you.

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  89. thanks so much !!! cheers

  90. You can save a lot of time and install Apache, PHP, MySQL together in just a few clicks. There is a great comparison of WAMP (Windows, Apache, MySQL, PHP) packages: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_WAMPs
    Some of them are very simple. For example, using http://www.witsuite.com/product/installer/ (my favorite) you can install Apache, MySQL and PHP in just one click. Watch the demo if you think that this is not possible 🙂

  91. I am still trying to install this. I want to put it on my personal computer. I try to leave the Network Domain and Server Name blank, as in the instructions and I get:
    The Domain Name entry cannot be left blank. Please click OK, fill in the domain name entry, and you can proceed with installation.
    What do I put in those fields for installing it on my computer?

  92. Is the Domain Name field entry you put in the ISP company (e.g. Virginmedia.com)?

  93. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I am new to this stuff and installing Apache was giving me fits! I followed your easily followed instructions and I am up and running.

    Again, thanks.

  94. If you put ‘localhost’ in the Domain Name Field that doesn’t work neither when I install Apache on my computer so what do I put instead?

  95. thank you very much, worked a treat, appreciate your effort in detailing these steps, making my life easier.
    Well done!

  96. Thank you so much! You made what I thought would be an all day task into 30 minutes. Flawless instructions, flawless installation. You rock!

  97. Thanks for the help. It worked for me o windows vista 64.

  98. Fred,

    Excellent instructions – they still worked great for Apache 2.2.8 on Vista Home Premium.


  99. thanks for the tutorial, This will definetly solve my problems. I was experiencing the same issue could nor run apache server on vista premium. and I lost sound on my video calls on the pc.

  100. hello?

    actual turning off UAC and downolading the binary and straight run the installation allows installing the apache.
    I automatical installed apache without running the installation on the dos prompt and apache was installed and read to run.

    Win32 Binary without crypto (no mod_ssl) (MSI Installer): apache_2.2.8-win32-x86-no_ssl.msi [PGP] [MD5]


  101. Installed with the latest Apache version and it DID REQUIRE the DOMAIN and SERVER…would not proceed without entry in these two fields.

  102. Tawa, I used Apache 2.something with php a few years ago on Home XP when I thought that creating a site would be easy and had lots of trouble – but it eventually worked. Now (having forgotten everything) I have a Vista Business machine onto which I am trying to install Apache and PHP5 and incredibly had no problem with Apache until I wanted to include PHP5 in the httpd.conf file. Well I can’t even manage to save the httpd file! I don’t know whether it is a permissions thing or what, all I know is that a few days ago I had the misfortune to try to place a file in an MS Excel folder by dragging and found that it was only a shortcut, having mysteriously been placed in a ‘virtual’ folder instead – this file was also invisible until the ‘Compatible..’ button was pressed. Until that was discovered, it was a nightmare – I find the file hierarchy odd enough without this.

    Anyway, if anyone has any ideas I would be very grateful indeed to hear about them. Thanks.

  103. Worked like a charm – thanks so much!

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  105. Thanks you so much!It’s work!

  106. Hi,
    I’m running Vista (Home Premium) on HP Pavilion (Core 2Duo E63000).
    I have Apache2.2 working successfully (Apache Monitor confirms it).

    I have done all configuration in php.ini, apache/../httpd.conf, windows/…/hosts…etc.

    When testing “hello.html” in Flock browser under http://localhost:8080/hello.html
    It would work and display
    So, that means that the Browser can work fine with the regular “.html” files.

    When I load http://localhost:8080/
    It displays the page about the PHP etc.

    But here I have a BIG PROBLEM.
    My apache http server last for about 10 to 15 seconds
    and then Vista closes it with the message:

    ‘Apache HTTP Server stopped working and was closed’

    I tried setting Vista firewall OFF, but then apache server
    lasts even shorter period of time.
    Please advise any suggestions or comments that you might have.

  107. I tried this after trying many other things and it worked perfect!

  108. Thanks for the wonderful help. But I am still down with aproblem. I coudn’t update httpd.config file. I wanted to install php on Apache

  109. Your instructions for installing apache (latest is now .8 v) worked like charm. I have to now go for your PHP/mysql tuts. thanks and regards, K. Ramachandran

  110. thanks mate that was realy helpfull

  111. Thank you men, it works perfectly…. Buenisima onda !!!!!!! from Guatemala

    (but most of all beautiful!)
    Thanks a lot for this post, this is actually the only one on the web bringing the subject on.

  113. I followed the instructions (almost) to the letter and Apache came up with the “It Works” message. I then installed php5 and everything seemed to go well. The THING is that the ALMOST bit of the Apache installation was when the question was asked about the domain name and computer name. Because I got alerts saying that I had to fill those in I put in felan.com.au and http://www.felan.com.au

    Now when I try to test my php files locally Dreamweaver seems to want to upload files to a remote server. Any suggestions on how I might solve this one?

  114. fineeeeeeeee clearrrrrrrr instruction ,,,,,, thanx

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  116. Thanks, great help!

  117. I have installed MySQL 5 onto a Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium. I have Apache 2.2.8. I have also installed php onto the system. But when I start apache up, it does not recognise php5. is there a tutorial or solution to get these working

  118. Excellent, serious thanks for this. Been putting off doing this as I knew it would be fiddly and just been uploading to a remote dev server – it worked first time so a BIG thanks. This will save me lots of time now.

  119. your insight was amazing. Thks for sharing it was a transition from 2 hr to a 2 minute install.

  120. Hello Megan, did you get your apache to work at all before rebooting? I realized that I had put a comment in line containing PHPIniDir “c:/yourphpdir” and the commend was as such #my php dir and this would cause apache not to start(go figure) however after i took out the comment it starts just fine.

  121. use the sc create command in a dos window to add the mysql service or any other that doesnt install correctly:

    sc create MySQL start= auto DisplayName= MySQL binPath= c:\program files\mysql\mysql server 5.1\bin\mysqld.exe

    then if you need to alter any parameters, use the administrative tools/services utility

  122. Help, please!
    I have error message “Internal error 2715. apr_ldap-1.dll” when I try install Apache 2.2.9 on Windows Vista Home Premium. Wat’s wrong?

  123. i have apache http server 2.2 installed on my machine ,running vista 64 ,when running i would like to see ,in real time who is on my machine ,is there an add on that enables me to do this .

  124. many people asked what to put in the domain and server box. For both, I put in “localhost” and it works!

    Thanks for the tutorial. 🙂


  125. thanks for the help. great!

  126. Marvelous. Really helped. Thanks for all those good people!

  127. How about running apache without installing?
    In Xp Pro very easy but with Vista some problems.

  128. Thanks. Works perfectly

  129. Tahnks for posting

  130. Hey…Freq,
    This is really wonderful, i was struggling to install apache on my new vista system since 2 days and finally by googling i came to this page and surpisingly i am now running apache on vista.. .thanks a lot for such a nice description..

  131. This is a little dated. There are no installation issues with the latest Apache build.

  132. hello i have avery big problem with my apachi server when i start it it gives me amessage says apachi .exe has stopped working i try every thing to find solution but no benefit so please help me i am student and i have a project ???????

  133. I don’t want to work on the Apache, I want to work on the Vista’s IIS7.

    I tried to install the php-5.2.6-Win32 on the vista ultimate but it doesn’t work !!!

    I hope anyone can help me !!

  134. Great post! I followed the instructions and it worked fine. I opened the localhost and I could see the “It works!” message. Then I tried to use an internet URL to reach my apache instance on Vista and I get “This webpage is not available.” I assume this is a permissions or virtual host based problem, but I can’t sort it out. DNS resolves correctly, port 80 traffic comes to my machine, but Apache will not load the “It works!” page. Any assistance with this problem would be apprecaited.

  135. It works!!!

  136. It worked like a charm…. thanks a lot vere well explained :)… so http://localhost/ works fine in my PC; I have a network at home, but I can’t open it from my laptop. I tried, and http://192.168.x.x which is my PC’s ip address but nothing… any idea?

  137. Bonjour

    Je veux ce logiciel comme base de moodle.



  138. Thanks a lot, man, it really worked out that way!

  139. Thank you.

  140. Awesome help! Thanks.

  141. You are the bomb! Worked like a charm 🙂 Thank you!!

  142. thx a lot…
    works super fine!

  143. Thank you! Changing the option in skype worked like a charm just as you said!!

  144. Hello,

    I have successfully followed the stepss and Apache has been installed. I can see the service running. I can also stop and start it without any problems.

    But I can get to http://localhost
    I tried but I always get ‘problem loading page message’. Please let me know what I can do?

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  146. Followed the steps and it all worked for us, spent hours searching for a resolution.
    Many thanks

  147. Thanks! Worked perfectly. I didn’t need to reboot at the end.

  148. Hi…could you help me please? How to install Apache for Vista Starter?

  149. The installation on vista, can be simply done by:

    1. downloading the installer
    2. running the installer as usually done on win xp,
    3. after that, Start > All Programs > Accessories > Command prompt (right click and “run as administrator”)
    4. in command prompt, cd to the “bin” directory in your installation directory.
    5. type the command “httpd -k install” and that should install the service. Ignore the errors
    6. vista will prompt for permission to run the service…. just say you know the application 😀
    7. you will see the service on the apache monitor, and you can start and stop it as you used to BV(Before Vista) 😉

    Cheers guys!

  150. Thanks very much, i installed Apache on Vista home basic and it showing an error.
    But when i disabled User Account Control(UAC) and everything worked well. Thanks. God Bless You.

  151. I have been sitting in front of my computer for days thinking of how I will go about the installation of Apache server, but I searched and got you on the internet. Big thanks for your easy instructions. It helped a lot. Now I can start programming in PHP.

  152. i want to thnak you for this article.

  153. Thanks!

    In my case, Skype was the troublemaker.
    After changing the advanced connection settings in Skype (as suggested in step2), the Apache service started up without any error. No reinstallation needed.

  154. I don’t know how you guys did it.

    But its been days since I am trying to make apache work with Vista.

    I turned off UAC. Firewall is off. Installation completed neatly. Still http://localhost gives nothing!!

    I even tried installing XAMPP instead of Apache. That too doesn’t work.

    Apache and Vista are not compatible atleast for some people.

  155. Thank you very much

  156. My problem 2 comments above got solved.

    In my windows host file there was only this line:
    ::1 localhost

    I changed it to: localhost

    and viola I was able to see “it Works” !!

  157. Thanks a lot. It was a wonderful tutorial.

  158. Dear,

    Can u tell me how to set IIS as the default web server?

    I have finished installing it successfully but i need it to work as the default one for other programs to get setup.

    plz reply by mail.

  159. s

  160. […] Fuente ¿Valorarías esta nota? Compártelo Imprimir Tags: windows vista « Como detener el Control de Cuentas de Usuarios en Windows Vista Inicio […]

  161. Just an FYI … I spent a long time trying to get server side includes – ssi – in apache 2.0 working on windows vista.

    I eventually realized the httpd.conf file i downloaded was corrupt — it did not have the appropriate tags in place.

    I’m not sure if the file was just corrupt on the site where i downloaded the file from, or if the problem is systemic in apache 2.0
    The resolution was to download apache 2.2 and instal it.

    just an FYI for server-side includes

    • Just an FYI … I spent a long time trying to get server side includes – ssi – in apache 2.0 working on windows vista.

      I eventually realized the httpd.conf file i downloaded was corrupt — it did not have the appropriate tags in place. /

      I’m not sure if the file was just corrupt on the mirror site where i downloaded apache 2.0 from, or if the problem is systemic in apache 2.0

      The resolution was to download apache 2.2 and installed it — in the mirror i downloaded apache 2.2 from the httpd.conf file was back to normal.

      just an FYI for server-side includes

    • I successfully installed Apache in my computer, I am using Vista, when I press http://localhost it can show “It works” but when I start Apache it show the following error:
      httpd.exe: Syntax error on line 489 of C:/Program Files/Apache Software Foundation/Apache2.2/conf/httpd.conf:cannot load C:/Program Files/Apache Software Foundation/Apache2.2/php5apache2.2.dll into server:\xa7\xe4\xa4\xa3\xa8\xec\xab\xfc\wa9w\xaa\xba\xbc\xd2\xb2\xd5\xalc…
      Note the errors or messages above, and press the key to exit…

      I’hv tried many many time to install Apache still not have error even I followed all instruction from above, please help!



  162. Thank you so much… this was a pain.

  163. Спасибо. Заработало.

  164. This was the first time I ever tried to install Apache, the above instruction was like a cake walk.. thank u 🙂


  165. Hi can anyone help. I’ve done the step above from the tutorial but i am still having issues. When i do http://localhost. It does not work. I get “Connection Interrupted” , “It works” does not appear.

  166. try httpd -X with Admin rights. Worked for me. Good Luck

  167. Got it done at the very first attempt.Clean and Clear article. Thanks a lot !!!

  168. The process to install XAMPP on vista looks easy, however I can’t seem to stop the other services that use port 80 (step 2 from instructions). The task manager tells me “NT Kernel & System” is using port 80. I tried to end the process and it won’t let me. I have no idea how to free up port 80 when it’s attached to this NT Kernel & System thing. Any ideas?

  169. […] past hour and a half. I put it on my XP pc no problem, Vista! I found the following invaluable – Install Apache on Windows Vista (Updated) molecular sieve I have always been keen to avoid Vista, although this week on purchasing a laptop (for a number […]

  170. Thank you very much. You save my day;)

  171. Hi. Thank you very much for the clear tut. After battling 6 weeks with XAMPP and the sorts I finally got what I want, thanks to you…

  172. If localhost is not working but and 192.168.0.X are working fine (“IT WORKS”) try the folowing:


    comment the last line
    should look like this localhost
    # ::1 localhost

    nice tutorial! thanks

  173. I followed the instructions above but gave an error that the listening ports were not available; I checked for the ports with netstat -a and port 80 was not used. So I am confused why vista won’t install apache. Any ideas?


  174. Thanks so much. Followed your instructions and everything is working fine.

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  177. Thanks a lot brother…it worked 😀

  178. Thanks a lot!!!

  179. hello, Thank you very very much for this tutorial… i was struggling with the installation for a lot of time until i finally found your instructions and followed them line by line. Thanks again…

  180. Thanks alot. I couldn’t install IIS on my Vista Home Premium but I could install Apache with your guideline 🙂

  181. im a newbie and i have a problem with step number 10 nothings happens, thanks!!!

  182. Thanx for the blogpost.

  183. I found the information very helpful and its just I have been struggling with for a while before now.
    Its a grate job you’ve done. Thanks

  184. thanks a lot for the easy steps…yes It worksss

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    Thanks Again

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  187. more thanks. my install required domain/server
    used (localhost not good with ipv6)

  188. This is a great post you have written. Having this information will prove to be very useful going forward. Thanks.

  189. it’s cool!!!

  190. Thanks a lot. it worked the manual u provided.
    Very Happy 🙂

  191. Thank you!! Life saver.

  192. thnx for the information,,,

  193. This is a great post.thank you for sharing this informative post

  194. It worked great! Thanks a lot

  195. Beautiful! :-

  196. Super! Previous attempt to install Apache failed. Using your procedure it was done in few minutes!

  197. So what happened to step 4?

  198. Anyone know what the command line argument is to supply an alternate port to the MSI?

    Here is a sample command line install:

    msiexec.exe -I apache.msi INSTALLDIR=”C:\Foo”

    I am looking for the parameter name to specify that apache be installed on port 8080. Use of the interactive install is not an option.


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